These Celeb Alcohol Brands Are Actually Good

It seems as though celebrities are selling everything and anything these days from clothing to food brands but there’s nothing celebrities love promoting more than their alcoholic brands.

Here are some of the best celebrity alcoholic drinks,

  • Aviation Gin from Ryan Reynolds

The Deadpool actor has created a gin with a distinctly American flavour in partnership with bartender and distiller Christian Krogstad. The drink is a combination of 7 botanicals from around the globe including coriander, cardamom, French lavender, star anise, sarsaparilla, juniper and 2 kinds of orange peel.

Aviation Gin is best enjoyed in the classic gin and tonic way with a lemon and lime wedge.

  • Ciroc Vodka and DeLeon Tequila by P Diddy

Diddy invested in the struggling French vodka CIROC in 2007 and it went from selling 40000 units annually to 2.1 million, over a 4 year period. This proves the extent of the celebrity selling power.

He then purchased 50% if the Diago tequila company and released DeLeon Tequila. The most popular of the line of tequilas on offer is the sweet vanilla and coc0 flavoured DeLeon Diamante Tequila, best consumed straight at room temperature from a low ball glass.

  • Mulholland New World Gin by Walton Goggins

Walton Goggins is part owner of LA based Mulholland Distiller – one of the first spirits brands in LA since the prohibition era. The distiller offers gin, vodka and whisky but the New World Gin seems to be the best on offer. It won the 2018 San Francisco World Spirits Double Gold award.

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