The Worst Alcoholic Drinks for Your Skin


It’s finally holiday season again and for most of us that means drinking, usually alot of it but too much drinking or drinking more than usual can actually cause havoc on the skin.

Here’s how 7 common alcoholic drinks affect your skin negatively.

  1. Tequila – tequila has the least sugar so it should have the least impact on your skin. It’s less likely to cause inflammation and breakouts but make sure you avoid the lick of salt if you want to avoid the hangover.
  2. Beer- It has antioxidants and other anti-ageing benefits. It also usually has a lower alcohol content and people tend to drink it more slowly.
  3.  Gin and tonic or Vodka Tonic РGin and vodka are less likely to cause a hangover. They are also lower in salt and sugar so its better for your skin.
  4. White wine – High in sugar and inflammatory so it can result in cell damage and increased skin aging.
  5. Mojito – Loaded in sugar and sugar syrup too of these can cause a breakout and spike your insulin levels.
  6. Margarita – High in sugar and salt, margaritas are often associated with hangovers and puffiness. The high sugar also has aging qualities long term.
  7. Red wine – Promotes blood vessels opening and therefore linked to increased redness. It’s also a histamine releaser, promoting redness and flushing.

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