The RSA Course Online – OLGR Approved For QLD

If you are coming to Queensland, Australia to get a job on a travel visa you may well be astonished to know that you will need to do a Responsible service of Alcohol course to be allowed to do a job in a bar in Australia.

RSA QLDRSA Queensland

These are just the rules and there is no way around it. Bars could be fined hundreds if they hire you without you having completed the certificate with 30 days of starting. 
So in order to make certain you can work straight away you need to consider undertaking the course on the web before arriving in Queensland or Australia.

Then when you are`ready to work all you have to do is log into the course and print out your certificate.

 The RSA program teachs you a wide variety of things relevant to  serving alcohol responsibly. You will learn the normal drink sizes and all about the fines that could be recieved for not adhering to the recommendations. You will also find out what is required of you in a setting where you have to deal with a person who is intoxicated and how to tell how intoxicated they are.