The Low Calorie Alcoholic Drinks That Won’t Bust Your Diet

If you want to enjoy a drink but don’t want to crash your diet, here are the best low calorie alcoholic choices,

1. Vodka – vodka or tequila generally have a low calorie count and a low amount of sugar and zero carbs. Mix it with ice and water or sparkling water to keep the calories down.

2. Dry white wine with low alcohol content – high-alcohol and sweet wine will have more calories than a dry, low-alcohol wine.

3. Light beer – a lighter beer usually has around 98 calories, making it a good low calorie option.

4. Mojito – Made the right way, a mojito can be low in calories. Make the low calorie version with 30ml of white rum, lime, mint, ice and soda – around 100 calories.

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