The Key Segments of the Australian Wine Drinker

According to the latest Australian Portraits 2019 report released by Wine Intelligence, there are 6 segments of Australian wine drinkers, related to their wine buying and consumption, they are:

  • Engaged Explorers,
  • Social Newbies,
  • Mainstream Matures,
  • Contented Treaters,
  • Senior Bargain Hunters and
  • Kitchen Casuals.

The 2 segments that have experienced the most changes since the last report was published in 2016 are Engaged Explorers and Social Newbies. These groups now make up 25 per cent of the monthly wine drinking population of Australia, but over 60% of the dollars spent in the category.

The group who consumed wine most often are Engaged Explorers. They are the second youngest segment, with the majority aged under 45, accounting for nine per cent of the monthly wine drinking population. This group rarely spends less than $15 per bottle to drink at home and spend around $22 on an average off-premise bottle, even spending as much as $25 for more formal occasions.

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