The Basic Bar Manouvers – RSA Course Necessities

There are several necessities that are crucial to a bars success, and of course, the first of which is bar safety which is taught in the RSA Course, and the second necessity is that you are able to perform basic bar maneuvers which are needed for creating cocktails (basic ones). The RSA Course cannot teach you to perform such maneuvers as they are something you should be trained to do, but if you don’t want to look like you know nothing, then check out how to perform some of the more basic maneuvers. The more that you know about these maneuvers, the less that your work will have to train you, and this means that you are more of an asset, and can be put ahead of the competition when applying for a job.

So What Are The Basics?

shaking Shaking? Click here

muddle Muddling? Click here

double-strain Double Straining? Click here

sweet-and-sour-mix The Perfect “sweet and sour mix” Click hereRSA Course

simple syrup Simply Syrup click here

make classic cocktail Classic Cocktails Click hereĀ 

These mixes are important to know and, as mentioned, they will put you ahead of the competition if you are applying for a job. But there are so many more tips and tricks you should know when working in this industry that will allow you to get ahead of the competition, and impress your new boss. But these kinds of tips and tricks are hard to learn by looking at a video (but one is linked below anyway, it might help you), the best way to learn is by experience and a lot of employers understand this.


So Grab Your RSA Course Certificate Today:

It’s not hard to get online and complete your RSA course, and by doing so you will open up a range of opportunities. But if that is not enough to entice you, then simply look at the safety benefits that you will reap. You will be better off when you are out with your mates, and you will be able to look after people who may have had too much to drink. This works behind a bar or when you are anywhere that people may drink too much. The course is well worth while, and is very beneficial so get started today!

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