Teenage Drinkers are Fewer but Drink More per Session

According to research, Australian teenagers are drinking an average of 13 alcoholic drinks per session with one in five even experiencing blackouts.

Although fewer teens are drinking, those that are drinking are doing so to more alarming and dangerous levels.

The new research from the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre showed that almost half of Australia’s psychostimulant drug users reported mental health problems and one in five had taken unknown drugs.

The study involving 3500 of the heaviest drinking teenagers between 14 and 19 found that they drank on average 13 standard drinks (males knocked back an average of 15 drinks and females 11 at a time).

The study showed that more young people are opting not to drink but the younger ones are still drinking large quantities.

As servers of alcohol it’s part of our responsibility to ensure we don’t serve alcohol to teenagers under the age of 18. We can make sure of this by asking for an ID every time.See more at http://www.couriermail.com.au/lifestyle/parenting/teenage-drinkers-are-fewer-but-theyre-downing-more-in-a-session/news-story/7c0a380fea30c89bd74457ff7ee91aed


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