Sydney Bar’s Appalling Treatment of Intoxicated Patrons

In the ultimate example of how not to treat a patron, staff of a Sydney CBD restaurant served 2 women 8 shots each in less than 40 minutes and when one of them passed out, they dumped them in the street.

The Korean restaurant in Sussex Street was fined after the incident according to the Independent Liquor & Gaming Authority.

The 2 women collapsed and became unconscious as a result of 16 soju shots between them.

When they were dumped on the footpath outside the restaurant one of the women was vomiting.

Patrolling police noticed people gathered around the women and called an ambulance.

The authority said it was one of the worst incidents of liquor law breaches in NSW in recent years.

This is a clear example of blatantly ignoring responsible service of alcohol requirements.

The licensee has been issued a first strike under the state’s Three Strikes disciplinary scheme. The restaurant was also fined $2200.



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