Study Shows 20 Per Cent of Dines Never Leave a Tip

A study from OpenTable shows that only one in five Australians always or frequently leave a tip when dining out.

Researchers found that almost half of Australian diners (47 per cent) would tip 10 per cent on the totalĀ  bill.

A staggering 21 per cent of Australian diners say they never leave a tip.

Our tipping habits also differ from one generation to another with the study showing that 24 per cent of Gen X diners leaving a tip. They were the most generous demographic surveyed. Generation Ys are the least likely to leave a tip, in fact one in four of them admitted to never leaving a tip.

The study also looked into why people tip. Almost one million Australian diners said they tip when they dine out with someone they want to impress. The majority of diners tip when they have had a great experience with their waitrons – 69 per cent. Twenty four per cent of diners said they tipped when dining with other people and 17 per cent said they tipped when dining at a fancy restaurant.

NSW and Victoria had the best tipping culture with SA having the least number of people saying they frequently or always tipped.


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