Starting Your Own Bar

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It is a dream of many to own their own bar or nightclub. Why not own the place that you go to every weekend. But it can be a costly exercise for those who don’t do their homework. We provide some helpful hints from a variety of sources on how to successfully open your own bar.



New bars & nightclubs only get one shot at success.


Every customer that comes through your doors is crucial & you need them to return. It is of vital importance that your venue is ready for success from day 1.


Most bars fail in the first 12 months of opening because they don’t have an adequate plan in place.
It is important to remember you are not just opening a bar but operating a business. The first priority is to come up with a concept for your bar then like any business, you require a Business Plan.




Writing a business plan and considering all the things that are needed for a successful bar is essential to get it right. The Australian Government has guidelines for small business owners.

Depending on what type of business you intend to start, your business plan could include these elements:

    * executive summary – a one-page overview written after your business plan is finalised
    * introduction – explains the purpose and objectives of going into business
    * marketing analysis – looks at the industry you are entering and how you fit in
    * marketing plan – your marketing strategy
    * operations plan – how you’ll set up the business, i.e. structure, location, regulations
    * management plan – how you’ll manage your business
    * financial plan – how you’ll finance your business, costing and financial projections.

Business planning is an ongoing business activity – you should regularly review and revise your business plan.




Marketing your bar is also going to be very important. If you are set on being the only owner then it will be all up to you. But consider what this very successful bar owner did



What was your most successful marketing exercise?
Easily our most successful marketing exercise was our very first. We took 20 investors into the Commercial Club Hotel. They had stakes ranging from $500 up to tens of thousands. Every one of them ‘owned’ the hotel. They were a marketing machine! Most were young and excited, and inspired by the chance to be involved in something so fun and so different. They filled our venue week after week after week.




Sometimes it can be hard to know how to start a bar, so check out the video below on how to do it! The video is primarily related to the US, but a lot of the information can be translated to Australia.



Starting your own bar in Australia also means that you need your RSA Certificate, obtained through the RSA Course, so get online and get started today!