Some Fun Bar Items – Not in the RSA Course!

No, you wont find these kinds of fun items in the RSA Course online, but they can be useful to know about when you are working in a bar or restaurant, because fun items lead to a fun atmosphere. But then again, you always have to consider the situation, that you would probably not use novelty fun items in in a more relaxed bar or restaurant, they are really not designed for that. But if you work in a night club that’s really all about fun, then these items could liven up the atmosphere just as you might need. Check out some of these fun items!

Shotz Bar Pack

The ‘Shotz Bar Pack’ is an interesting set of novelty items for your bar that all involve shot glasses. This pack gives you, first of all – 500 shot glasses that are plastic. This is useful firstly, because as the RSA Course teaches, glass shot glasses can be dangerous as glass tends to cut and break, whereas plastic doesn’t. In addition  there are 500 shot glass caps, a shot glass tray, a bandolier to carry shots, and a belt for easy access to shots. These also come in different colours, depending on what suits your bar.

The Leather Shooter Belt

A leather shooter belt is exactly how it sounds, it is simply two leather belts that go around and over your chest and hold shot glasses. This adds atmosphere to a bar and adds excitement to serving. Give it a go and see if it adds to the environment of your bar!

JRSA Courseager Bomb Cups!

That’s right, they are essentially specially designed cups that are designed for jager bombs (red bull and jagermeister). These cups can be easy to use and also mean that there is less chance of glass falling anywhere.

Test Tube Shot Glasses

There are another type of shot glass out there, and they simply look like a test tube. This is interesting and RSA Coursedifferent, it gives people a new way to take shots, and again, they are plastic so they do not pose the danger that you would have with glass shot glasses. These test tubes also come in racks, and add a different type of atmosphere to the bar, one that steps away from the conventional shot glass approach.

Grab your RSA Course Certificate To Use Such Things

Before you can work in a bar and use any of these new tools, you first need to go online and complete your RSA Course, to get your RSA Certificate. This ensures responsibility and safety when serving.