Skills Shortage Drives Up Pub Salaries

Even more good news for those looking for a new job or just wanting a change in careers, according to reports a skills shortage in the hospitality sector has driven up pub salaries – even more incentive to enter this exciting industry.

But if you are contemplating switching to the hospitality sector, you will first have to undergo the necessary skills training, this includes undergoing the mandatory Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) training. (The law dictates that any worker in a venue where alcohol is served must undergo this training before beginning work in a licenced venue).

According to reports chefs, pub managers etc. are now in such high demand that they are commanding top salaries. Some bar and restaurant owners are even being forced to offer up stakes in their businesses to attract and retain employees, according to leading recruitment firm Michael Page.

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A total of 67 per cent of employers surveyed by Michael Page Hospitality & Leisure reported that skills shortages would cause salaries in the sector to rise above the inflation rate in the next 12 months.

The recruiter’s 2013/14 Salary and Employment Forecast also found that more than a third of employers (34 per cent) thought it would be difficult for them to maintain headcount in the current climate.

Michael Page Hospitality & Leisure senior consultant Warren Coxall told TheShout the roles in highest demand in pub, bar and restaurant groups are executive chefs and venue managers.

He said that depending on their level of experience, executive chefs now command salaries of between $90,000 and $130,000 in most Australian states.

Venue managers meanwhile can command anywhere from $65,000 to $120,000, depending on the venue.

But with the best candidates able to command a salary increase of 10 to 15 per cent every time they move jobs, Coxall said salary alone may not be enough to ensure their loyalty.

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It is interesting and encouraging to hear that workers in the hospitality sector who are skilled are being appreciated and rewarded appropriately. It is also an incentive to young people who are looking for a career or those wishing to take a year or two to figure out what they want to do, to enter the hospitality sector.

While serving alcohol or in fact engaging in any work in a pub is rewarding and for many people exciting, it is also challenging especially when faced with difficult patrons whose intention is to drink excessively. Balancing the need to serve alcohol responsibly with good customer service can be difficult but that is what makes this industry so interesting –the fact that it is a challenge but only if you are appropriately trained.

Managers of licensed venues should ensure all employees know the products that they sell as well as being trained in Responsible Service of Alcohol. Staff of licensed venues from security staff to bartenders must obtain the RSA certificate. Luckily this RSA certificate is easy to obtain – simply complete an online course. Visit our homepage today for more information or to register.