Seven US States with Strict Alcohol Rules


You may have heard of the Prohibition in the United States which was repealed in 1933 but there are some modern alcohol laws that you may not have known of that you could find surprising.

Before 1984 each state had the right to set its own minimum drinking age but an act by congress was passed that meant that all states had to comply with the minimum drinking age of 21.

There are some alcohol laws that are unique to certain states – for example,

  • In North Carolina drink specials are illegal.
  • In Alaska bars and liquor stores can’t open until polls close on election days.
  • In Pennsylvania, hard liquor can only be bought at state-run stores.
  • In Utah you must order food if you’re going to order alcohol at a bar or restaurant.
  • In Massachusetts, out-of-state IDs aren’t proof of age at bars.