RSA WA – Getting Your Routine Down

Need Your RSA WA?

When anyone starts a new job, they usually find that it is best to follow the training that management has provided, but sometimes there is no routine. Creating your own routine will come from trial and error. One night you may not stock beers in time for them to be cold and so the next night you make sure that your do that soon after clocking in. Setting a great routine can save you a big headache later. RSA WA Course RSA WA There are many things that you need to know when starting out in a bar. The RSA WA course will teach you many of the rules and regulations around serving alcohol in Australia and also help you to get into good routines. Some may find that it is best to write thier routine down. Write down all your job duties, as well as, all the little tips that you have learned since starting your job. Start off with clocking in, filling ice bins, stocking things that should be cold, and so on.  Don’t forget to add double counting your register, turning on “open” signs and getting change. A tangible list will also come in handy if you have to train someone. Making copies that can be checked off until the routine becomes second nature, can also help to establish your professional presence and help you gain management’s confidence. Want to impress your patrons and management? Learn about the alcohol that you serve. You don’t have to be a wine connoisseur to learn the differences between the major kinds of wine. If you serve five different brands of scotch, try all of them. You can use a ¼ of a shot and break open the true flavor with a splash of water. You don’t have to like it, but if you can taste the difference between something that is rich and smokey, as opposed to something light and acidic, it could help when a customer is having a hard time deciding between brands. With all the microbreweries out now, new beers are always on demand. You could be an asset to your employer if you could give them a heads up on good one. Also, learning how a pilsner differs from a porter, or how a stout compares to a lager will earn you points with management. You will seem educated and professional, not to mention, kind of cool. Read up on the history of alcohol. Learn fun facts and start discussions with your customers. Trivia not only sparks up conversation, but might also start a craving for some of the things that you are talking about, boosting sales. Management will notice.

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