RSA Update: Quick Tips for Bartenders on Reducing Alcohol Related Harm

Bartenders and serving staff of licenced venues have a role to play in reducing alcohol induced violence and harm. This is one of the reasons why authorities made Responsible Service of Alcohol training mandatory for all workers in the alcohol sales and service industry.

There is no doubt that alcohol fuelled harm in Oz especially in entertainment districts has gotten out of hand, but there are some practical tips that bartenders and other workers in licenced venues can adopt to prevent contributing to alcohol fuelled harm.

  • Do not serve alcohol to minors. They are not responsible enough or physically developed enough to handle their liquor. They also have less self-control and restraint and therefore are more likely to abuse alcohol and binge drink, resulting in harm to themselves and possibly others.
  • Do not serve alcohol to anyone who you suspect is or is displaying signs that they may be unduly intoxicated. This is one of the biggest problems contributing to alcohol problems in Oz at the moment.
  • Do not serve the same person too many drinks, even if they do not display signs of physical intoxication. Keep track of how many drinks you serve each person.
  • Be aware of any new restrictions that may have been implemented in your district and adhere to them. For example Byrons Bay has recently introduced a number of measures to combat alcohol fuelled violence in the district such as a 1.30am lockout, refusal of entry to any person seen drinking within 50 metres of a venue and restrictions on takeaway sales after a set time. Learn the new rules and stick to them.