RSA Training Will Teach You How to Check IDs

One of the most important things you should know as a bartender is how to properly card your patrons, to be sure that you are not serving anyone underage, and RSA Training can teach you how to properly check ID. First know the legal RSA Trainingdrinking age for your area, and know the earliest date and year that a person can legally drink. Next know the types of licenses and id’s that are used by your state and the surrounding area, and what each of them should look and feel like. Is it laminated, plastic; is it bendy? Check the edges of the card to make sure that it hasn’t been damaged or manipulated in anyway. If there are holographs across the card, be sure that they are visible on the images. A lot of the time, forgers will correctly manipulate the card, but fail to place holograms near or on the id. Also, be sure to only accept identification that provides a picture, so that you can see that the person in front of you is the person on the card. These are important points to check for that RSA training online will further demonstrate in its course.But always know that if you do serve a minor alcohol, you and your establishment could end up paying a fine on a check like this.

RSA Training shows you when to make the right call

If you work in a dark bar, keep a torch handy so that you can properly check an id without squinting from the lack of light. You are not obligated to serve the customer if you doubt the legitimacy of the id, and RSA training teaches you this is quite often the best option. If you do come across a fake id, confiscate the card, and have the offender removed from the premise, if necessary inform the police. If you are caught serving a minor, you will get in more trouble than if you chose not to serve the person.

Learn from RSA training what to do if you are unsure about an ID

Find an id that you aren’t sure is real? Ask questions and cross check them with the card. Inquire about their address and full name. Ask when they last renewed their license or when it expires. Find out when their birthday is, or when they last celebrated their birthday. If you can catch them off guard you might be able to trick them into giving honest answers.By completing RSA QLD training (or any other state training), will teach you that it is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to serving alcohol.

Quick recap of what the RSA training would teach you in more depth:

RSA Training

  • Know your area’s legal drinking age.
  • Know how your state’s ID’s should look.
  • Keep an eye out for modified or damaged edges.
  • Check for holograms.
  • Only accept picture ids.
  • Keep a flashlight handy.
  • When in doubt ask questions.
  • You aren’t obligate to serve anyone when you can’t tell if the license is real or not.

Following these guidelines will keep you from serving minors. For more information you can see another 13 steps on what to do when checking ID at this website, however it is not affiliated with proper RSA training so it may not include official recommended steps. This news report in America is still relevant throughout Australia, aside from the technology they are using to fight fake ID’s, which  may not be available in Australia – Listen as it describes how you will want to be able to detect any underage drinkers with fake ID, so you and your premises keeps its liquor license, and are not fined.

Don’t forget, that before you can properly check ID’s and serve people alcohol, you need to complete your RSA Training Australia