RSA Staff – Importance of Paying Attention to Patrons

What does the work of a bartender or waitron involve? Simply serving food and beverages to customers? Actually bartenders, waitron and staff of licenced venues’ responsibilities involves much more than merely taking people’s orders, it involves ensuring that the harm done to society by alcohol abusers is minimised. This is done by enforcing Responsible Service of Alcohol legislation and following the rules set out by the law and the establishment you work in.

It is true that the level of alcohol fuelled misconduct in entertainment districts all across the country has gotten out of hand and has public servants such as the police and medical staff as well as the  public concerned, some even too scared to venture into certain districts on weekends or at night. Violent attacks, brawls and drink driving are the main problems and RSA staff do not need to sit back and observe but can actually do something to improve the situation.

One of the ways that RSA staff can contribute to a safer Oz is by observing and enforcing responsible service of alcohol laws, such as never serving alcohol to unduly intoxicated patrons. Paying better attention to customers is one of the ways RSA staff can ensure that some unduly intoxicated patron is not slipping through the cracks.

While many RSA staff may be of the opinion that it’s just none of their business how much alcohol a patron consumes, according to the law they have a responsibility to never serve alcohol to unduly intoxicated patrons.

The consequences of serving unduly intoxicated patrons can go beyond fines for licensees and their staff, people can be hurt and lives can be lost if responsible service of alcohol rules are not followed. For example if a patron you serve excessively becomes drunk and assaults another patrons or someone outside the venue, you and the licensee may be held accountable. Consequences could be even worse if someone’s life was to be lost as a result.

Responsible service of alcohol training teaches workers how to identify intoxicated patrons and how to deal with them. It also teaches RSA staff the consequences they and their employer may face if RSA laws are breached.

If staff of licenced venues pay more attention to their patrons and begin enforcing RSA rules more closely, we should see a decline in alcohol fuelled violence and misconduct on our streets.

Managers of licensed venues should ensure all their employees are properly trained and know the products that you sell as well as being trained in Responsible Service of Alcohol. Staff of licensed venues from security staff to bartenders must obtain the RSA certificate and keep a copy of the certificate on the premises at all times.

By paying better attention to customers and ensuring that you are your co-workers do not serve too much alcohol to patrons, you too can do your bit in reducing alcohol fuelled problems in the country.



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