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Recipes are great. They give you instructions, ingredients, and even ideas about how to make drinks. But some recipes are not very specific about how to put the drink together. Words like “combine” or “mix” can leave a bartender a little confused about the best way to go about it. Some call for shaking, others call for blending, while some drinks don’t tell you anything but a list of ingredients. Mixing does make a huge difference in the taste and quality of a drink. For instance, a Sex With an Alligator needs to be layered, not mixed, otherwise it tastes like rust. The flavors need to be in a certain order to deliver the desired effect.

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A thought to keep in mind when there are no specific instructions is to look at the ingredients. Drinks that call for pureed juiced or very thick mixes should be “rolled”. Rolling is pouring the drink from one glass to another, until completely mixed. The purpose is to avoid making the drink overly frothy, like shaking would.

Drinks containing sugar, milk or regular juices should be shaken. You can use a regular metal shaker with a lid or a pint glass. If you are mixing a drink using sugar, a pint glass, instead of a lid, will allow you to see if the sugar has dissolved better.

Drinks that call for stirring are typically made with soda or tonic. Shaking these would cause them to go flat. They are, often, very simple, typically a mixer and one alcohol.

Floating or layering keeps the ingredients, in a drink, separate. You can layer a drink by slowly pouring a liqueur down a rod, back of a spoon or the edge of the glass. The order is very important, as some liqueurs are heavier than others. The temperature is also important, colder is heavier and thicker. Most layered recipes will call for it specifically.

Blending a drink usually will call for ice, though some creamy drinks don’t. Most drinks that are shaken can also be a frozen drink, if you just throw everything in a blender. A blended drink should usually cost a little more, since it is a small amount of extra work.

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