RSA Course Update – Bar Tips

What Garnishes Do I Use?


The garnish is for setting a mood that the drink does not set on it’s own. The drink garnish is a way of saying ‘this drink resembles a part of the world’ or ‘this drink represents a lifestyle choice for me!’ So the drink garnish is actually pretty important. When you are on holidays, it just makes the trip to be sitting there on a tropical beach with a drink that has a lot of ice and a good garnish.


On the other hand, if you are sitting at a laid back, classy bar, you expect an olive in the martini and a lime wedge in a corona. It is basic garnishes like this that make or break a bar and it’s atmosphere. People drink for enjoyment and a garnish sets you apart as someone who recognises that.


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Types Of Garnish


There are several drink garnishes you can use to make a drink really special.  You cant stick a cucumber garnish on a scotch based drink, it just wouldn’t work! But what you can do is use that kind of garnish on a lighter and more fun drink.


The same goes for orange peels and other citrus based fruit garnishes. You want to pick something that will suit the drink and keep it classy! Either way, make it worth it, twist up your citrus peels, top the drink with a cherry, or even make a berry bouquet! These kinds of additions to a drink will set it apart from the competition and will keep guests entertained and happy.


New Interesting Drink

The Southern Mint Julep is an interesting drink to make, and not a lot of people have heard of it. But this is a good thing, if you can serve it, then people will appreciate a different and new drink. Check out how to make it below!



Remember that you can only serve this at a licensed venue if you have finished the RSA Course which is fast and straightforward online. Start anytime!


Home Bar


There are several things that you will need to know when thinking about starting your own bar, and it is really best explained in  the video below! Remember even serving at a home bar, you should have your RSA certificate. You don’t have to – but what you learn from the course can really help you serve responsibly!



Some people like to have bars like these, and they can be hard to stock, so i hope you learned something. Apart from home bars, if you want to serve at a real bar and be paid for it! You have to complete the RSA Course first, so get started.


Drinking behind the bar


There is a very firm policy on the topic of drinking behind the bar, and every bar upholds this policy. It is strictly prohibited, and after taking the RSA Course you should know that it is simply ridiculous to consider having a drink when serving people who are drinking. The job of the bartender is to serve responsibly and their judgement becomes impaired when they themselves start to drink. This leads to unsafe circumstances.


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If you don’t know about these drinking rules and regulations then you should brush up on them by taking the RSA Course online again, even if you have done it already. If you haven’t done it yet though, then you should consider it as it will allow you to serve alcohol at any establishment that is licensed in Australia!


So Grab Your RSA Course Certificate Today!


The RSA course certificate will allow you to work in a bar or restaurant and serve drinks with garnishes that you feel are appropriate. As such, you can have fun with the job and still be paid for doing something that you love! This can be interesting work that pays off in the end, so give it a go today. Get online and start the RSA Course to start applying for jobs in bars and restaurants today!