RSA Course Online and Dealing With Sudden Crowds

The RSA course teaches you how to serve alcohol safely and responsibly. This means there is no excuse for not serving safely, even when you feel you are swamped with work. There will be situations where a sudden crowd may appear. This could be because an event has kicked on to your bar/club, or it could be because people have planned an event at your bar with a lot of RSA Coursepeople. You will find that around half the time, these groups will call you and tell you about the crowd that will be coming, but the other half of the time you will have no idea, and a quite Monday could pretty quickly turn into a massive influx to your bar. Then the problem lies in the fact there is simply not enough staff to cater for such a large crowd. But in this case, you only serve as fast as you can while still having safety precautions in mind, there is no excuse for a lack of safe serving – people can get hurt.


So How Do I Handle These Crowds Of People?


There are several things that you can do when confronted with a large crowd on a usually slow night. The first of which is to simply call in more people to serve that night which is the safest option. I know this can be an almost impossible task, but regardless it is necessary for the safety of the bar and it’s patrons. If you can’t get more people in to work, then people will simply get their drinks a bit slower. But you will probably end up having more people working behind the bar than out on the floor. However you always need to consider things like the fact that you still need people cleaning up glasses on tables and in the bar as this will ensure that there is less broken glass and the bar is less cluttered, and safer.


Why Did I get This Crowd?


Music is often the thing that defines a bar or a club as either good or bad, and you will find that most clubs have a DJ, or a pre-mixed CD so that people are not hearing something they have heard before – it’s new. This can often be how people decide whether a club is good or bad – simply by listening to the music they are playing. So if you have particularly good music the word may get around. If you have no DJ at a club: A club is different to a bar and is often in requirement of some sort of house/club music.

For the Bars: In a bar it is a bit harder to define what needs to be played as it is really up to what atmosphere you want to create. A slow and casual bar will have different music to one that often gets busy/crowded at night. So you really have to make the call of what to play.


Being a Bouncer:


If you are prone to sudden crowds you may be wise to get some good bouncers

If you think that this is for you, you might need to complete your RSA Course online, as bouncers can end up handling a lot of alcohol as employees of a bar. So do the course to get the RSA Certificate and start working today! Watching for Minors in a crowded bar


It is a well known fact that there will be people who are under the legal drinking age that will try and get into a bar, or get served alcohol anywhere. But the RSA Course teaches you that this will incur a fine anywhere from $7,000 up, so you RSA Courseshould really never be doing it! The RSA course teaches you, amongst other things, how to check if a minor is using a real id or not. It tells you what to look for in the case that the ID may be fake, or someone’s they are borrowing. Another tip, though, is to ask them questions about the ID just in case they are using someone elses. If they don’;t know their address, you can tell it’s not theirs!  ——-


So Grab your RSA Course Certificate Online!


There are a few options when considering the RSA Course, and the online version of the course is fast and straightforward whilst it still gives you the best information on how to serve safely. This means that you can get to applying for jobs faster, and you can start working sooner!