RSA Certificate Recommends Non Alcoholic Drinks For The Designated Driver

RSA Certificate Recommends Drinks For the D.D.

Responsible drinkers need responsible bartenders and a ride home. Being the designated driver can be a challenge, especially when other people see that they are not drinking and try to shove drinks in their faces. Your job as a bartender is not just serving alcohol, it is serving all customers responsibly. Your RSA certificate is needed in order to serve alcohol in Australia So why not reward a DD with fun and tasty concoctions. Here are a few recipes to try, as alternatives to soda and water.

No Bull

Ingredients 3 oz Red Bull or any carbonated energy drink 2 oz Pineapple juice 2 oz Cranberry juice Shake and serve over ice in Pint, garnish with fruit wheel.


Ingredients 4 oz citrus soda 2 oz Red Bull or any carbonated energy drink 2 oz cranberry juice splash of grenadine Serve over ice in Collins glass, garnish with fruit wheel

Virgin With a Tan

Ingredients 2 oz Pinacolada Mix 1 oz orange juice 1 oz pineapple juice 1 oz cranberry juice 1 oz sweetened lime juice splash of grenadine Blend in blender with scoop of ice, serve in Hurricane glass, garnish with fruit and umbrella skewer. Add a splash of fruit juice , grenadine, or sweet and sour mix to regular or lemon-lime soda for a festive feel.

Lemon Lime ExplosionRSA Certificate

3/4 glass lemon lime and bitters 1/4 glass cranberry juice Ice cubes or blended with ice   In Austraila you require an RSA certificate to serve alcohol. However these drinks do not have alcohol and could be served at under 18 parties or other events where alcohol is not allowed. The RSA certificate teaches you about responsible service of alcohol so that you know when to stop serving people who have had to much to drink. This is very important for the safety and well being of the community and for the person involved.

So get your RSA certificate today so you can work behind a bar and serve up some of these tasty drinks to the designated drivers.