RSA Brisbane – Service With a Smile

RSA Brisbane Teaches – Bar Tending is as Fun as You Make It

On the whole, bar tending should be fun, and RSA Brisbane (and any city/state) will teach you how to have fun and serve correctly. Days should fly by, while you make new friends, and most people are happy to see you. On the days that are less than joyous, keeping a smile on your face can be difficult. Anything can ruin your day, from a rude customer to having your tip jar stolen. Here are a few ways to keep that frown turned upside down. Rudeness: Put yourself in their shoes. They may have just had the worst day ever and all they want to do is to sit down, relax with their favorite drink. But you either screw up the order, don’t know how to make it, or are out of an ingredient, so they snap at you. You were their last chance of salvaging something good out of this horrible day. Smile out of pity, and remember that you have days like this, too. RSA Brisbane for example, will teach you that you cannot snap back, it will only make the customer more angry. Do Your RSA Brisbane Course Online Today and Learn More about Responsible Service Of Alcohol in Australia. Personal Issues: Your significant other keeps an argument going by calling or texting you. Kindly remind them that you are at work and your foul mood is scaring off the customers, you are turning off your cell and will see them later. Smile out of relief that you don’t have to argue for at least eight more hours. Professional Issues: You despise your coworker. She is too flirty, shows too much skin and steals customers, while ignoring others that don’t look as wealthy. A group of well dressed young businessmen walk in and she jumps in your way, takes all of their orders before you have a chance to breathe. Smile, just smile. It is the only way to keep from yelling at her and remind yourself that while she is ignoring the other customers, you can have all those tips to yourself. Health Issues: Even though you told your supervisor that you were ill, they insisted that you came in because they are short handed. Smile, you will make pity tips. Pity tips are tips earned because of unique circumstances like, illness, first day on the job, last day on the job, pregnancy, divorce… but tips can also indicate that you are doing a good, safe job that complies with RSA Brisbane (and any state/city’s) standards. RSA BrisbaneThe trick to finding a reason to smile is to not harp on how bad a situation is, but to look for ways that you can benefit from the bad situation.

Do Your RSA Brisbane Course Online Today and Learn More about Responsible Service Of Alcohol in Australia



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