RSA Brisbane – Bar Essentials

Have you done your RSA Brisbane course and need some tips for working in a bar.

RSA Brisbane and Making Juice

Brisbane RSA Brisbane When you squeeze fresh citrus fruit, you are essentially putting enough pressure on the tiny juice sacs to cause them to burst and expel juice. Hand squeezing produces juice fastest, but produces the least amount of juice of any other juicing method. One way to maximize juice production is to cut limes in half by width, like you do when making fruit wheels. Stab the fruit with a knife or fork several times from the inside of the fruit, making sure that you are slicing through to the other side. Try to break as many juice sacs as possible.

RSA Brisbane – Tiki Bar Essentials

The perfect addition to an outside affair, is a tiki bar. It gives an exotic flair to business, formal or, otherwise, humdrum occasions. While other bars and wait staff may be serving shots, champagne or elegant drinks, the tiki bar serves fun in a glass! Setting one up can be just as fun. This calls for imagination when choosing your supplies. Here is a list of basics. At least 2 blenders 3 shakers Cocktail glasses Margarita Glassed Hurricane glasses Shooters Collins or pints Rum, rum and more rum, flavored (especially coconut), lite, dark and spiced Tequila Vodka Flavored schnaps, butterscotch, melon, cherry, peach, apple, berry… Coffee flavored liqueur Triple Sec Sweetened Lime Juice Grenadine Fresh Fruit: lime, lemon, pineapple, orange, grapefruit, papaya, mango Fresh mint and ginger Coconut cream, pina colada mix Regular sized straws, not cocktail straws Sugar Salt Fruit Juices Umbrella skewers Maraschino cherries Grater Muddler Cutting board Paring knives Measuring spoon Fresh flowers, such as orchids Rose water Milk or Cream Daiquiri mixes, strawberry, peach, passion fruit… LOTS OF ICE!

RSA Brisbane – Perfect Mojito

Why use a Mojito Mix, when you can look like a pro making this easy and refreshing drink from scratch? Perfect Mojito 2 oz of Lite Rum club soda or tonic water a few sprigs of fresh mint ½ shot glass of white sugar 1 fresh lime In a pint, muddle 3 sprigs of mint, sugar and tonic water or club soda until sugar is almost completely dissolved. Tonic water will make a sweeter drink. Cut lime in half. Squeeze both halves into drink and drop one half in, discard THE other. Add rum, fill with ice and stir. Garnish with lime wheel and fresh mint sprig. To make and serve these drinks in Australia you will need to do the RSA course (RSA Brisbane , RSA WA, RSA NT, RSA SA)



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