Responsible Service Of Alcohol – Quick Tips For Bartenders

Responsible Service Of Alcohol – 10 Quick Tips For Bartenders

Responsible Service Of Alcohol 1. When serving a chilled drink, that will be served with no ice, chill the glass first, while you make the drink. Fill the glass with ice and water then dump when you are ready to serve.

2. Set out the glasses as they are being ordered, to help you remember your order.

3. Keep your nails trimmed. There are loads of places to break a nail and little time to bandage it.

4. Always go either left to right or right to left when working your way down the bar. Be in the habit of going the same direction, so you don’t skip customers. Do Your Responsible Service Of Alcohol, RSA course online

5. Catch your beer caps and throw them away. They are very easy to get stuck to the bottom of your shoe and when you least expect it, cause you to slip.

6. Drink water. Soda and juice may give you a boost, but will also cause you to crash. On nights that you know that you will be really busy, eat plenty of complex carbohydrates for sustained energy. It sucks to lose wind in the middle of a rush! Do Your Responsible Service Of Alcohol, RSA course online

7. Always apologize. Whether you messed up a drink or ran over your co-worker, apologize on the spot. They may brood the rest of the night over it and cause friction. If you are in a big rush, sometimes you may forget all the little things that happened through the night.

8. Ask for help. There will be times that you can, in no way, serve everyone in the bar. This can lead to a melt down and nobody gets served. Your coworker may have gone on a break, or you have a much bigger crowd than usual, but you need help, so ask for it. The first place to ask is the barback, then anyone else that works in the bar. You can also ask your patrons to please be understanding of your situation, and to not yell out their orders. If a DJ is on hand, have them announce that everyone will be served, but to be patient. Whatever you do, don’t freak out! Do Your Responsible Service Of Alcohol, RSA course online

9. Have more than one blender. Frozen drinks are the most time consuming. Keep two blenders available for nights when time is minimal. You can use one for one kind and the other for a different kind, without having to stop and rinse out the Margarita so you can make a Pinacolada.

10. Stick a book of matches and a pen in your pocket at the beginning of the night, so you don’t have to stop and look for them if a customer asks for one. You can just toss it and go!

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