Responsible Service of Alcohol News: Man Three Times over the Limit Involved in Crash

A man more than 3 times over the legal alcohol limit was involved in a crash in Hervey Bay, last week.

The man crashed his car while driving over the limit on Wednesday night.

The man was trapped in the car which flipped and landed on its side. The man was treated at Hervey Bay hospital and then taken to a police station for a breathalyser test which returned a reading of over 0.150, the legal limit is 0.05.

The man will have to appear in court over the incident but is lucky to be alive. reported this on the story:

A MAN will have to face court after allegedly returning a blood alcohol reading more than triple the legal limit after crashing his car on Main St at Ghost Hill on Wednesday night.

A Hervey Bay police spokesman said officers, who went to the crash about 8.30pm, found the driver trapped in the vehicle which was on its side.

The man was freed from the vehicle and transported to Hervey Bay Hospital for treatment for injuries.

After this, the man was taken to the police station for a breath test, the spokesman said.

Even with the amount of time that had passed at the hospital, the man’s alcohol reading was alleged to still be over 0.150, the high alcohol limit.

The man was given a notice to appear in Hervey Bay Magistrates Court, the spokesman said.


It is sad to think that people not only have no respect for their own lives but endanger the lives of other road users as well by getting behind the wheel while intoxicated.

This driver was lucky to escape with his life but he is also extremely lucky to have not involved anyone else in the crash or the consequences could have been much more severe for him and an innocent life (or lives) may have been lost.

Impaired vision, slowed reaction times, the inability to keep straight on the road or within one’s own lane are just some of the consequences of drink driving, anyone of which or a combination of which can lead to serious and possibly fatal crashes.

Alcohol also has the ability to make a driver feel relaxed which may cause them to fall asleep at the wheel. A number of people have caused serious crashes in this manner and this may have been what caused this crash in Hervey Bay.

Alcohol also gives people a false sense of confidence which results in increased risk taking behaviour which while driving can involve speeding, dangerous manoeuvres, running stop signs etc.

If you are going to go out and drink please do the responsible thing and call a friend or taxi for a lift home.

Bartenders and anyone serving alcohol should try to stop anyone who is inebriated from driving. Although this may seem like a difficult task to accomplish especially on a busy night in a crowded bar, try to keep somewhat of a record of how many drinks you serve any particular person. Encourage patrons to call for a lift home or do it for them. Also promote responsible drinking by limiting the amount of alcohol you serve to any one patron.