Report claim Advertisers Exploit Broadcasting Loophole

According to a report on, health groups say a new report analysing alcohol advertising during the finals series of the AFL and NRL revealed thatthere are an alarming number of instances where advertisers exploit a loophole in broadcast regulations.

Not long ago a Sydney hospital expressed its concern over the number of patients with alcohol related issues taking up hospital beds and medical attention which they believed called for radical steps including addressing loopholes in broadcasting regulations which allowed alcohol advertisements during the biggest matches.

Even Police Commissioner Karl O’Collaghan has expressed his concerns about the increase in alcohol marketing specifically targeting young people and children.

The analysis done has proven that the public are inundated with alcohol advertising, especially during sporting events. The main concern is the exposure that young children and teenagers are getting to alcohol messages which according to experts in the report, contribute to adopting drinking earlier in life and can contribute to problem drinking.

Although there is a lot of support for closing this loophole to ban alcohol advertising especially during sporting events, some argue that alcohol advertising is not causing alcohol related problems, people are. This is evident by the fact that the overall amount of alcohol consumed in Oz has decreased.

Watch this video from ABC which explains allegations that advertisers are taking advantage of a loophole in regulations: