Pub Under Investigation for Allegedly Supplying Alcohol to Minors

A Clifton bar is facing possible fines of as much as $10,000 under the Liquor Licensing Act after it was alleged that the company supplied alcohol to an underage boy.

Police say they received tip-offs that the venue may be supplying alcohol to children. Police as a result increased walk-throughs and inspections of licenced premises in the town and on a Saturday night discovered that a 16 year old teenager was drinking freely. The boy was found intoxicated at the bar of the licensed venue.

The boy was taken into police custody and dropped off at his parent’s home where he was delivered into their care.

The venue is facing severe penalties including hefty fines.

Staff of licensed venues must always ask for photo identification, especially before serving younger patrons who look under 25, to ensure they are over 18 – the legal drinking age in Australia. Read more about Responsible Service of Alcohol training.