Psychologist Reveals What Your Drink on Your First Date Says

Do you remember what you ordered on your first dates? Is there a go-to drink you keep ordering on a date, a pyschologist and dating expert Amelie Guerard reveals what your first date drink says about you.


A solid and popular choice, it usually means you’re pretty chilled.

Generally this indicates you aren’t putting any pressure on this date and don’t have high expectations.


A common first date drink that signifies sophistication.

The doctor says the person who orders this likes knowing everyone’s business and tells it like it is.

They probably don’t like being alone and love being complimented.

If you date orders wine be cautious of what you do and say.

Rum drink

If you order a rum based drink, you are probably a mysterious and captivating person.

You enjoy being the life of the party and having fun.

Usually your date could turn into a full on adventure, Dr. Guerard says.


People who order bubbly drinks are usually shy. An interesting person with a composed exterior.

These people are usually classy but not shallow and you would probably have to initiative the conversation with this person.

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