Policewoman Caught Over the Alcohol Limit: Why Alcohol and Driving Should Never Mix

No matter what your vocation, drink driving is unacceptable and illegal as one Queensland policewoman has discovered. No one is above the law, even those tasked with enforcing it.

A Queensland police woman recently crashed her car and as is mandatory, was issued a breathalyser which tested positive for alcohol. Not only was she drink driving she was also well over the legal limit when the crash occurred.

The 38 year old woman was involved in a crash while recording a reading of 0.198, hers was the only vehicle involved in the accident, a testament to her intoxication.

In addition to appearing before the Petrie Magistrates Court, the officer may also face internal disciplinary action. The following excerpt was taken from an article on Yahoo News about the incident:

A Queensland policewoman has tested positive for drink driving after crashing her car.

The sergeant from the State Crime Command has been given a notice to appear for drink driving while off duty in a private vehicle.

The 38-year-old recorded a blood alcohol reading of 0.198 per cent after she was involved in a single-vehicle crash at Murrumba Downs, north of Brisbane on Monday.

Source: http://au.news.yahoo.com/a/19195082/qld-policewoman-above-the-alcohol-limit/

It seems across all states drink driving is a huge problem but there is another issue which may actually be surpassing that of drink-driving, that is drug driving.  According to another post on Smh.com.au, more drivers in NSW tested positive for driving under the influence of drugs than alcohol during a police blitz recently.

Over a weekend blitz in NSW, which involved 3 separate traffic operations, 5 times more random tests were issued for alcohol than drugs but there were still more people caught for drug driving than driving under the influence of alcohol.

The following excerpt taken from the Smh.com.au post explains,

The operations, at Cabramatta in Sydney’s south-west as well as Lake Illawarra and Shoalhaven both south of Sydney, detected 14 drivers allegedly under the influence of drugs out of the 735 tested.

At the same time eight drivers were allegedly over the legal blood alcohol limit from the 3824 tested.

“This is a concern that more people are taking the risk of being under the influence of an illicit drug before getting behind the wheel,” Traffic and Highway Patrol Commander Assistant Commissioner John Hartley said.

“However the weekends operations were just a small sample of drivers.”

Eight drivers were detected allegedly under the influence of drugs out of the 202 tested by police at Lake Illawarra, four at Cabramatta and two in the Shoalhaven.

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/drug-offences-overtake-alcohol-for-weekend-drivers-20130930-2unpd.html#ixzz2gbLxmF6z

In Lake Illawarra and Cabramatta only 4 people were caught for drink-driving and in Shoalhaven no one tested positive for alcohol despite the fact that 1454 breathalyser tests were issued. Although the improvement in drink driving is good, the number of people seemingly replacing alcohol consumption with drugs is extremely alarming.

Motorists have been warned that police will continue to be on the lookout for both drink and drug driving perpetrators.