Police Investigate Perth Crashes

A serious road crash in Perth recently has been linked to alcohol according to police.

According to reports the driver’s vehicle left the road and capsized after he failed to negotiate a roundabout, possibly due to intoxication. He then hit into a parked car, a fence and power pole.

This article on Yahoo News explains:

Police are investigating whether alcohol was a factor in crashes in Perth’s east last night.

About 11.58 pm, police were called to Wanaping Road in Kenwick where a 29-year-old Parkwood man had crashed his vehicle.

It is believed that the man’s vehicle left the road and overturned after he failed to negotiate a roundabout.

The man’s car proceeded to strike a parked car, a fence and a power pole.

Police conducted a breath test on the man but the results are not yet known.

Source: http://au.news.yahoo.com/thewest/a/-/breaking/17617698/police-probe-alcohol-as-factor-in-crashes/

A second accident on the same night occurred when a man’s vehicle left the road and crashed into the bushes. Breathalyser tests revealed that the man was intoxicated at the time. He was charged with drink driving.

The article went on to state:

In a separate incident in Bayswater, a Hyundai Elantra sedan also left the road and crashed into bushes on Wyatt Road and Higgins Way.

Police were called to the crash around 4am and breathalysed a 55-year-old man.

After failing the test, the male was charged with drink driving.

Source: http://au.news.yahoo.com/thewest/a/-/breaking/17617698/police-probe-alcohol-as-factor-in-crashes/

One of the greatest road safety issues in Oz at the moment is the number of crashes being caused by drink driving.

Most people enjoy a little drink from time to time and there is nothing wrong with this in fact even doctors recommend a glass of wine a day for good heart health.

The problem comes in when people drink and behave irresponsibly, such as drinking and driving (when their blood alcohol level is above 0.05). Most people don’t realise that they are over the legal limit when they get behind the wheel after a drink or two. As a drinker you either need to know how much alcohol is contained in the drinks you consume to ensure you are not exceeding the limit or an even better idea would be to avoid driving altogether.

People who drink and drive need to remember that alcohol, even in small quantities can have an effect on your driving.

Alcohol doesn’t get digested like food but rather gets absorbed into the bloodstream from the small intestine as well as the stomach and colon. The blood transports the alcohol to your vital organs including the heart and brain – both of which are vital in the process of driving. These organs coordinate our activities and ability to drive.

Some of the effects of alcohol on our driving abilities include:

  • Our perception is affected. People who drink are less likely to observe traffic signs, bikers, pedestrians or cars coming from the opposite side;
  • Drinkers have less control over their reactions in traffic situations; your eyes are slower and need to concentrate on the same object for a longer period of time than you would ordinarily.
  • When we drink our space perspective narrows and we tend to focus more to the front of us rather than looking to the left and right
  • Reaction times also increase as our reflexes become slower or diminish depending on how drunk we are. That means in an emergency stop situation or traffic it would take more time to respond fast and adapt accordingly.

Drivers who drink before driving tend to be overconfident about their abilities and are less capable of good judgement. Often drinking also makes people drowsy which is probably what contributes to so many crashes where the drivers drove off the road and crashed into stationery objects such as fences, streets, poles etc. like in the 2 incidents mentioned earlier.