NSW Fines low but Drivers still drink driving

Source: http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2010/11/04/3056724.htm?site=sydney

A police officer issues a breathalyser test to a passing motorist

Despite the best efforts of police, the number of drink drivers in NSW is still alarmingly high and authorities are concerned.

Dubbo police have expressed their disappointment over catching drivers with high levels of alcohol in their blood.

On an article on www.DailyLiberal.com.au the Orana Local Area Command duty officer, Inspector Bran Johnston was quoted as saying that during the 3 day operation dubbed “Drink Drive 2” thousands of drivers were issued breathalyser tests. 2829 drivers were subjected to the random breath tests and of those 2 drivers were charged.

One of the drivers charged was a 37 year old Dubbo woman who was charged with a mid-range PCA (prescribed contents of alcohol). She was caught in a roadside test late on Thursday.

The 2nd person charged on Thursday evening was a 26 year old man who was charged with driving while disqualified, driving an uninsured vehicle which was also unregistered. The man’s licence was suspended until 2035.

The following day a 26 year old Vic man was charged with a mid-range PCA offence.

The article went on to quote Inspector Johnston as saying,

“It’s disappointing people will still drink and drive,” Inspector Johnston said.

“But if they do we will continue to charge them,” he said.

Across the state, police charged nearly 200 people during the three-day operation targeting drink driving after carrying out more than 150,000 breath tests on drivers across the state.

Source: http://www.dailyliberal.com.au/story/1901222/fines-low-but-nsw-cops-still-critical-of-drivers/?cs=112

During the operation 2 Wagga Wagga drivers were also apprehended. The Traffic and Highway Patrol Commander, Assistant Commissioner John Hartley explained that the majority of drivers on NSW roads are doing the right thing but there are a few who refuse to heed the warnings of police. These perpetrators will be caught and will be forced to face the consequences.

The Assistant Commissioner Hartley raised an important point, it only takes one driver to drink too much and get behind the wheel a vehicle for innocent lives to be lost, one drink driver or driving offence is one too many.

The article on DailyLiberal.com.au goes on to state some of the offences committed which police detected during the operation,

About 3.30am on Sunday, a 17-year-old female learner driver was stopped on Trail Street at Wagga Wagga.

She was driving without her headlights on and had three teenage passengers who were not wearing seatbelts.

Police also stopped a 35-year-old man in Bourke Street, Turvey Park near Wagga Wagga.

The man allegedly stopped short of a random breath test site and turned his headlights off. He returned a breath analysis of 0.106.

His car was found to be unregistered.

At 5.20pm on Saturday police from Gundagai Highway Patrol detected an 18-year-old Punchbowl man driving north along the Hume Highway at Mundarlo at 144km/h.

The p-plater has been charged with driving in excess of 45km/h over the speed limit and had his licence suspended.

Source: http://www.dailyliberal.com.au/story/1901222/fines-low-but-nsw-cops-still-critical-of-drivers/?cs=112