New Breath Tester works for both Drugs and Alcohol

A breakthrough in technology may soon see drivers being issued with a breathalyser test that reads both blood alcohol content and blood drug content.

A company that manufactures breathalysers is readying their trial of the new “all-in-one” alcohol and drug testing device, a first anywhere in the world.

Not only will the new breathalyser be able to read both alcohol and drug content but it will also hopefully reduce the long delays associated with traffic caused by police road blocks. The device will be able to measure blood content within 30 seconds whereas at the moment officers take between 3 to 5 minutes to do so. This is usually associated with frustrating delays for motorists, hopefully this will soon come to an end.

This excerpt from an article on explains,

alcolizer_729-620x349Alcolizer has partnered with Britain’s Oxtox to develop the technology, which has detachable clips to provide both alcohol breath testing and drug testing, The Bayside Bulletin reports.

Current roadside drug testing must be performed by specially trained officers and takes between three and five minutes.

The Alcolizer ADU (Alcohol and Drug Unit) takes a saliva sample and returns a reading within 30 seconds.


The article goes on to explain that the new improved device is expected to be trialled by several police forces in Oz during the first quarter of next year. This is good news for road safety and bad news for those drivers who think they can get away with drug driving.

According to the chief executive of the company responsible for the device’s development, it will “streamline” the drug testing process which is significant because drugs are becoming an increasingly more common problem than alcohol among drivers.

The post goes on to explain:

Alcolizer chief executive Gary Johnson said the device would help streamline drug testing in Australia.

“Drugs are becoming a bigger problem than alcohol on the roads and so there needs to be a better way of monitoring it,” he said.

“The Alcolizer ADU can detect traces of cannabis and varieties of amphetamine.”

Alcolizer has quietly built an international reputation in the breathalyser industry since it started out of a Cleveland garage 23 years ago.


The company although originated in Cleveland, has become a leading breathalyser provider to police forces across Oz as well as some police forces in Asia.

In addition to being used for random testing of drivers by police officers, the device can also be used by companies in the enforcement of their OHS to test workers sobriety.

The company, Alcolizer is particularly concerned with tackling the issue of drink driving and have planned an educational program relating to this social problem. Johnson also explained that the company was planning on donating breathalysers to local clubs as well. The post went on to explain:

Mr Johnson said Alcolizer was hoping to start a consultative education program about the risks of drink-driving.

Redlands RSL has already agreed to install an Alcolizer instrument to promote the responsible consumption of alcohol.

“We’re hoping to donate breathalysers to local clubs and work with police to change people’s drinking habits,” he said.

“The cost of every person killed through a drink driving-related death is estimated at about $1 million.”