Neknomination Extreme Measures

Some people are taking the Neknominations to the extreme, even coming up with a way of turning it into something positive whereas others are just using it to get publicity and promote irresponsible behaviour as one British student recently proved.

The video below shows the British student Rebecca Dagley stripping down to lingerie in a grocery store. The young woman walks in wearing just high heels and a trench coat, then removes the coat, strips down to lingerie and downs a can of lager as her friends look on and cheer.

Rebecca Dagley’s video went viral proving that it doesn’t take much to get the attention of the online masses. The 19 year old student is filmed entering a supermarket in central England wearing a trench coat and high heels. As she reaches one aisle, she strips to reveal she is just wearing stockings, suspenders and purple lingerie and begins to drink a can of lager. The video was filmed by her friends and she is encouraged by them as other shocked shoppers observe. Her friends shout “Go on Becca! That’s it girl”.

After drinking, as is the custom with the Neknominations, she tells three friends to take the challenge.

Neknominations have swept the online world having originated in Oz. It involves someone downing a drink in an extreme manner and then nominating others to do something similar within 24 hours. It has been criticised for promoting irresponsible, binge drinking. The craze has even been linked to the deaths of 2 young men in Ireland where it has also become popular.

Alcohol campaigners are afraid that people will try to outdo each other and come up with more crazy and extreme drinking acts which could be dangerous. An example is a man who drank a cocktail of cider, eggs, battery fluid and 3 goldfish.

Watch the video here: