Mums Message After Daughters Lethal Vodka Experiment

Paris Kamper was a vibrant 15 year old teen who died after experimenting with alcohol. Her heartbroken mother has a message after the tragic death, warning other parents of the risks of social media and it’s influence, and excessive drinking.

The tragedy occurred in June when Paris went outside to play with the family dogs and wasn’t heard from for a while, so her family looked for her and found her lifeless in the paddock.

She had discovered a recipe online using vodka, sweetened with a common household ingredient. She consumed at least 500ml of the mix over the course of 1 hour and suffered a massive heart attack and collapsed.

Paramedics revived Paris and rushed her to hospital but she was left brain dead. Her life support was switched off 3 days later.

The mum warned parents that children are “under assault” and are being swamped by social media and seeing things they shouldn’t. Read more at: