Man Donates Toe to Bar for “Sourtoe Cocktail”


In slightly bizarre and quite grotesque news, a man who lost 3 toes to frostbite has donated his toes to a Canadian hotel bar for its ‘Sourtoe Cocktail’.

The Yukon hotel’s bar has been offering shots of whiskey with a human toe in it since the 1970s after a rumrunner in the 1920s began the tradition.

The rules for drinking the gross cocktail “You can drink it fast. You can drink it slow. But your lips must touch that gnarly toe.”

Bizarrely in 2013 a drinker swallowed the toe, on purpose while a thief ran off with another, he later returned it to the hotel.

Apparently the cocktail is ‘safe’ to drink because of the alcohol and the salt.



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