List of Shame Targets Irresponsible Alcohol Advertisers

Alcohol advertising in Australia is self-regulated by the Alcohol Beverages Advertising Code Scheme at the moment. This is a voluntary scheme administered primarily by alcohol industry and advertising representatives but that could all change if an independent review board gets its way. The Alcohol Advertising Review Board recently released its top 10 shameful alcohol advertisements which target children. Included in the top 10 irresponsible advertisements are the advertisements for Budweiser beer on a telephone box outside a school and a range of Jim Beam Racing children’s clothing which have all been included in the list. The review board is a joint initiative by the McCusker Centre for Action on Alcohol and Youth and the Cancer Council Western Australia. In the first year of its inception the board received 200 complaints. The board’s first annual report, launched on Tuesday, revealed that it fully upheld 104 of the complaints and partly upheld 32 – a shocking number of irresponsible advertisements encouraging young people to drink. The Australian Medical Association has also joined the review board in its calls for government regulation of the alcohol advertising industry.

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