Licensees Claim SA Alcohol Crackdown Unfair

Although controversial new alcohol laws have been implemented in South Australia, 2 of Hindley Saints biggest nightclubs have lost their last minute applications to stop the laws from impeding their regular business.

According to media reports the efforts of 2 big nightclubs, The Palace and The Woolshed sought an urgent injunction in court to stop the changes, obviously they were unsuccessful as the laws came into effect. These businesses wanted the injunction imposed so that they could continue to trade as normal until the laws are challenged in the full court but their application was denied.

The new restrictions have been described as harsh and therefore have been met with controversy. They entail all city pubs and clubs imposing a 3am lockout as well as other restrictions on the sales of alcohol.

Despite these clubs claiming that they will lose millions due to the new restrictions, the application for the injunction was refused.

Licensees said that the restrictions which are expected to cost them millions are unfair especially because casinos and restaurants do not have to abide by them.

There are 98 venues that are affected by the changes and as it has been pointed out, allowing 2 clubs out of the 98 to operate as usual would only make the problem worse as patrons would just flock to these clubs, making the restrictions ineffective.