Learning About Beer

There are a lot of different and unique types of beer that you should try or at least learn about. One of these is Hoegaarden, and you can learn about this type of beer in the video below!

As you can see it is not your average beer, and these kinds of beer can really hit the spot for some people so you should consider serving it in your bar after getting your responsible service of alcohol certificate! Being A beer taster Yes, there is such a thing, it does exist.  Check out the ad for a recruitment agency to do with beer tasting below!

Beer tasting can be a really fun occupation for you (if you like beer) but yet again, it is just another great job that you can get into if you finish the RSA Course! Imported Beer Imported beer can be an easy way to cheer up your bar and distinguish it! People like to try different beer, or at least be able to say that they have! There is a large range of beer from other countries that is really popular, and although you may be a true Australian Toohey’s lover, you should at least give some other beer a try! Imported beer can be anything from a simple Corona to the famed Japanese Asahi, or it could even be Bali’s Bintang! These drinks give you a different taste to what you might be used to, and it is good to expand your horizons of taste! So give another beer a go today! Serving these beers in a bar means you have your RSA Certificate, and if you haven’t got it, you shouldn’t be working in a bar and instead should be completing the RSA Course Online! Also, check out this site with all the different kinds of imported beer you could try!   In the bar tending and night life industry, there is a lot of room for movement within any chain of different clubs or bars/restaurants. This means that there is a lot of room to move up in the industry. And what people don’t realise a lot is that the hires are mostly from inside the business. It’s true! Speak to any manager of a club or a bar and you will see that just like you, he had to complete the RSA Course online and get to work behind a bar before he could move up in the industry!

Ok, So How Do I Do It?

The first thing that you want to do, is get online and complete the RSA Course pre-emptively to getting the job. This just shows your boss that you are more than prepared and keen to get into the industry and show him whatRSA Course you have to offer. Secondly, you want to always pay attention when on the job, show that you never have an ‘off day’ or a time when you really don’t feel like working. Even though there are probably times when you will feel this way. You should then always be going home at night and reflecting on the days work, always thinking about how you could have done it better, and what you will be doing next time to better yourself. At the same time though you should also be going home and thinking about new and exciting things to do at your work, whether it be finding a new drink, or thinking of an event that you would like to host. Either way, get involved and get thinking! Bosses like when you show initiative. Finally, as bad as it sounds you want to make sure that your boss sees you doing these things, or at least hears about it. You want to show off your skills! and show WHY you are ahead of all the other employees that the bar might have!

So Jump Online and Complete the RSA Course Today!

Yes, it is possible that you could go online and get your RSA Course done today, and just by doing this you allow yourself to work in an alcohol serving industry. So get online and show why you are ahead of all the other competition for a job in a bar!