India’s Deadly Alcohol Death Toll Rises to 39

There have been at least 39 deaths and 27 people have fallen ill from drinking cheap toxic alcohol in a number of villages in northern India.

Tests revealed the alcohol was laced with methanol, a massive illegal industry in the country.

Police confirmed that 26 people had died in 2 separate incidents in Uttar Pradesh and 13 others died in the neighbouring state of Uttarakhand.

The incidents happened during functions in the towns and police quickly arrested 8 suspected bootleggers. Corruption is also a major problem, with provincial governments suspending 35 officials including 12 police in relation to the incident.

It is believed the people were served the alcohol at a function they attended. Some people had traveled from far to attend the event.

Authorities said the problem of bootlegged alcohol is a major one in the country because illicit liquor is cheap while name brand alcohol is too expensive for the poor to afford. Cheap illegal alcohol is often laced with chemicals such as pesticides.



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