If You Suffer from Type 2 Diabetes Here’s The Alcoholic Drinks You Should Avoid

If you have type 2 diabetes or know somebody who does, here’s the alcoholic drinks you should avoid,

While you can still enjoy a drink, you must be cautious about how much you drink and what you drink.

According to health experts, people with type 2 diabetes should avoid low sugar beers and cider which are often referred to as diabetic drinks because while they may have less sugar, they also have more alcohol. Just one low-sugar beer can apparently raise your blood alcohol level substantially.

Also avoid low alcohol wines because they usually pack more sugar than normal wines.

Beers, ales and ciders are also bad for you. These may increase your blood sugar levels exceedingly because they contain carbs.

Instead opt for spirits, dry wines and Prosecco which contain less carbs.

Also make sure the mixers you opt for with spirits are sugar-free.

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