How Venues Use Mixers to Serve Up High Volume Cocktails


The demand for cocktails at Australian venues is growing but in a busy venue, how do you keep up with the demand?

A recent post on addressed this issue by pointing out how Kingpin in Melbourne, a bar within the Crown Casino Complex caters to its high volume crowds as quickly as possible.

According to the beverage manager Chris Taylor, the venue entertains over 10-15 medium to large groups a week for parties and other celebrations so they needed to make ordering and delivering cocktails an easy and efficient process.

It’s also important to have a decent cocktail menu and well trained staff to make these cocktails.

At Kingpin, they have started using premium cocktail mixers from producers Finest Call to create quick, high quality cocktails.

This helps to deliver cocktails quickly and keep them consistent.The venue says it has also helped increase their revenue.

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