How To Keep Hospitality Staff Motivated


In the hospitality industry, it’s usually the chefs that get all the glory but the front of house staff (FOH) are the one’s actually making the chef’s dream a reality by making sure people actually get to enjoy it, so treating them well and keeping them motivated is important.

It’s also important for your business, because to offer the best service, you need motivated staff.

Zoe Rubino from Supernormal, in a post on the popular hospitality website gave her top tips for getting floor staff ready for a busy service.

  1.  Get to work early
  2. Rally the troops
  3. Crack a joke
  4. Throw a pop quiz
  5. Get the kitchen involved

If you serve alcohol at your venue, it’s mandatory that your front of house staff complete Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) training. This can be done conveniently online here.

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