How to Drink More Mindfully and Enjoy It



It is possible to drink less and enjoy it more, by being more mindful of our drinking we can cut back or even abstain for Dry July.Even if giving up alcohol for a month isn’t your thing, you can cut down or opt for few alcohol free days in the week, which is good for your health.

According to neuropsychologist Dr Nicola Gates from the University of NSW,it is possible to manage your alcohol intake by getting a handle on how much alcohol you really need.

Do you really know how many standard drinks are in that one “glass” of wine you poured yourself? Most people don’t.

For example Gates explains that while 10g of sauvignon blanc at around 11 per cent alcohol equates to around 100mls of wine, 10g of a more potent red wine (around 14 or 15 per cent alcohol) is more like 88 mls.

Gates recommends looking on the bottle or pack to see how many standard drinks it contains. If a bottle of red wine at 14 per cent alcohol says it contains 8.5 standard drinks (rather than the 7.5 standard drinks in a bottle of white at 11 per cent), it’s best to pour a smaller glass.