How Much is Too Much when it comes to Alcohol?


We’ll probably be reaching for that alcoholic drink more than usual over the holidays to help us relax, socialise and even enjoy our meals but these drinks are mostly high in calories and lacking nutrients. Too much alcohol can contribute to chronic diseases.

The recommended daily limit is 2 standard drinks and it’s also recommended that we have at least 2 days a week that we abstain from alcohol completely.

If you’d like to avoid weight gain this holiday season and avoid conditions like high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke, increased inflammation, cancers, liver disease, pancreatitis, mal-absorption of several nutrients and other conditions linked to excessive alcohol consumption, stick to the recommended limits.

Drinking moderately is crucial to your health, as is drinking responsibly. That includes ensuring you have a safe way of getting home after a night out. Never drive yourself if you’ve been drinking and more importantly never endanger the lives of other people by getting behind the wheel intoxicated.

Another wise move would be to ensure your mobile phone is sufficiently charged so you can call for a ride home or in case of emergencies.

Also make sure you alternate one alcoholic drink with one non-alcoholic drink, preferably water.

Have a snack or meal before drinking to slow the absorption of alcohol.

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