Guide To Responsible Drinking

Don’t let your New Year’s celebrations get out of hand or it may be the last one you’ll see. While food, drinking and fun in the sun are Australian traditions around this time of year, we don’t need to use it as an excuse to indulge too much, especially in alcohol.

Let’s keep in mind the dangers of excessive drinking, psychologist and public health expert Dr Bosco Rowland said.

It’s important to know how much is safe to drink. Healthy men and women are advised not to drink more than 2 standard drinks in a day.

Dr Rowland warned that if a person drinks less than that, he or she reduces their probability of alcohol related diseases such as cancer to one in 100.

Drinking a maximum of 4 standard drinks in one occasion reduces the risk of alcohol-related injury to one in 100.

A standard drink consists of 10 grams of alcohol, but the size will vary depending on what you’re drinking.

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