Getting To Know The Regulars – Keeping Patrons Happy!

Why You Need to Keep patrons Happy

The RSA Course will ensure you learn what you need to know to keep patrons safe. One of the most important is keeping your patrons happy as this will mean that there are less fights, and there is a more controlled atmosphere. Angry patrons are more likely to destroy things, to attack people and to ultimately lead to problems. If you are able to keep customers happy, you will have a better time, and will have a more successful bar/restaurant. So get to know your customers and make them feel more satisfied.

RSA Course

Getting to Know Your Patrons

It is a time old tradition that the bar keep be the one who will listen to all you’re woes and troubles, and they do that for a reason – because it makes them friends and keeps customers satisfied. If you do this, and you speak to customers regularly then you will eventually get to know peoples hot spots, and what to avoid speaking about or doing. But you will also learn what makes most of your customers happy, for instance, if a lot of your customers love karaoke, then it might be time to dedicate a night to it. This will also attract new customers to the bar, and so long as you serve them according to the responsible service of alcohol rules, you will have a safe and popular bar!





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