Focus on Making our Streets Safe Again

Police in Queensland are doing their best to keep Queensland’s city streets safe over the weekend and as we approach the Christmas holiday season. In this light they have issued a stern warning to partygoers and revellers to behave, or face the consequences.

The latest in the police’s operations was an operation dubbed “Operation Lima” which involved a clamp down on alcohol related violence and misconduct in Capricornia’s licenced venues in Rockhampton.

Data clearly shows that in the province alcohol fuelled violence surges on the weekends and holidays in particular, affecting mostly males between the ages of 15 and 25. This age group is most at risk of being the victims of assaults but are also more likely to be the perpetrators of alcohol induced assaults.

The following excerpt from explains more about the Operation,

Acting Detective Inspector Ben Carroll said the district operation was designed to reinforce the national Operation Unite, which occurs from November to December each year.

“It’s important that police reinforce with the community that alcohol-related problems cannot be tolerated,” he said.

“We know this time of year it gets a lot busier in the CBD area…we’ve allocated more police presence in those areas.”

Police are hoping the increased presence will help people make better judgement calls and prevent split-second decisions which could ruin lives.


Police are warning people that visit entertainment districts to not only be vigilant about their own safety but also to drink responsibly and not become a menace and contribute to alcohol fuelled violence.

Remember that an intoxicated person is not only a threat to the safety of others, but is also more vulnerable to attacks because they are less aware and not in the right mental or physical state to defend themselves or act rationally.

Police have warned that as we approach the festive season drunken misconduct will not be tolerated. It is important that licenced venues also get involved and do their part in minimising the number of alcohol fuelled incidents taking place, especially on the weekends. This can be done be firstly ensuring that all employees, regardless of position have completed their Responsible Service of Alcohol training and also by ensuring that all staff are abiding by RSA rules and enforcing them each day while serving alcohol to patrons.

Also keep in mind that during this time of year when people are visiting Queensland on holiday and licenced venues are busier than they are at other times of the year, when employing causal staff to fill in for the summer, that they too have completed RSA training. Whether casual workers, temporary staff or people on a working holiday VISA – all must complete Responsible Service of Alcohol training and enforce the principles learnt everyday on the job.