End to Booze Filled Weekend in NSW

Last weekend was an eye opener for anyone who didn’t know the extent of the alcohol fuelled violence across the country. According to the police who embarked on the country-wide blitz last weekend, a person was arrested every 3 minutes across the state of NSW during the blitz on booze-filled violence.

Senior NSW detectives involved in the blitz expressed their anger at the outcome of the weekend long operation. 540 People were arrested on the streets of NSW and more than 20 arrests per hour were made.

The operation included a joint effort between police across the country and as Premier Barry O’Farrell explained, the problem in NSW is severe.

The following excerpt from www.dailytelegraph.com.au explains:

630515-fb996970-657d-11e3-bdad-d26236de09deSenior NSW detectives said they were angered by the staggering numbers, while Prime Minister Tony Abbott described the issue as “urgent” and Premier Barry O’Farrell insisted the problem was a national one.

But alcohol policy groups said the responsibility was the state government’s and yesterday called for a summit on the issue of booze and violence.

In a frightening glimpse of the summer ahead, 540 people were nabbed on the state’s streets over the weekend, with police making more than 20 arrests per hour as part of Operation Unite – aimed at reducing alcohol-related crime across Australia and NZ.

The weekend confirmed NSW as the Australasian capital of boozy violence, contributing the same number of arrests to the blitz as the combined totals of Queensland (395), Victoria (76), South Australia (46) and Auckland (27).

Source: http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/nsw/alcoholfuelled-violence-on-our-streets-two-nights-of-living-hell-in-nsw/story-fni0cx12-1226783631106

Violent attacks took place all over the state during the weekend with one man remaining in an induced come after a booze-filled attack near Bondi Beach.

More than 280 people were arrested on Saturday night into Sunday morning alone and police officers at youth parties were subjected to abuse as youth hurled rocks and beer bottles at them.

The article went on detail some of the alcohol fuelled issues that occurred in NSW over the weekend blitz,

In shocking scenes during the early hours of Sunday, a man in his early 30s was bashed and allegedly stomped in a fight with another man outside a Darling Harbour nightclub. He was found unconscious and bleeding by paramedics. The scenes were so disturbing, one distressed bystander had to be treated for an asthma attack.

In other incidents yesterday, police arrested six men after a scuffle outside a hotel in Oxford St, a man was treated for injuries following an incident in Pitts Rd, a pizza delivery driver was treated after an assault in Balmain, and, in Martin Place, a barman was struck in the head with a bar stool after four men got into a fight

Source: http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/nsw/alcoholfuelled-violence-on-our-streets-two-nights-of-living-hell-in-nsw/story-fni0cx12-1226783631106

Premier O’Farrell reiterated that Australia has an unacceptable drinking culture which needs to be addressed. Binge drinking and loading is a major problem contributing to the alcohol fuelled violence on our streets.

RSA servers also need to be aware of the role they play in alcohol fuelled violence. Enforcement of RSA is vital in bringing down the high number of assaults and attacks fuelled by alcohol.