Dubbo Police Break-up Wild Alcohol Filled Party

Undoubtedly the people most at risk of being the victims of alcohol fuelled harm as well the biggest perpetrators are young people.

A man was arrested at Narromine after assaulting a police officer and an out-of-control part involving more than 100 people had to be broken up.

According to reports police were generally satisfied with the behaviour of the general public during Operation Unite but some young people are still exhibiting dangerous drinking behaviour, placing themselves at risk and becoming a menace to others.

During the operation one man, an 18 year old was arrested after he became violent with a police officer, wrestling him to ground and striking the officer before being taken to the police station. This excerpt explains:

After striking the officer the man was wrestled to the ground and arrested before being taken to Narromine Police Station and charged with assaulting a police officer, resisting arrest, failing to comply and breaching bail for an unrelated issue.

The man appeared in Dubbo Local Court on Sunday and was given bail with conditions. The officer suffered minor facial injuries.

Less than 24 hours earlier police were called to a residence in Fairview Street for reports of an out-of-control party and underage drinking. Police attended and found about 50 to 60 teenagers present.

Officers were abused and bottles were thrown at police. Additional police were called and the crowd was dispersed with no arrests made.

Source: http://www.dailyliberal.com.au/story/1973834/police-shut-down-wild-teenaged-party/?cs=112

Orana Local Area Command Operation Unite Commander Gemini Bakos said that the incidents were the only really major concerns during the blitz by police officers. This year’s operations yielded much better results than last year with fewer arrests being made.

Police in Dubbo arrested 4 people during the operation but not all of these arrests were linked to alcohol. The DailyLiberal.coom.au post also explains:

An additional 21 officers were on duty between 6pm Friday and 6am yesterday when the operation concluded. During that time, police in the city visited 50 licensed premises and issued four people with infringements for failing to comply.

Source: http://www.dailyliberal.com.au/story/1973834/police-shut-down-wild-teenaged-party/?cs=112

It is interesting that a total of 323 random breath tests were issued and only one person was caught drink driving, this shows improvement in the city in alcohol behaviour and that people are becoming more responsible drinkers.

Commander Bakos went on to explain:

“It’s been a successful operation. It’s good to see the public has taken the message on board about responsible drinking,” Inspector Bakos said. “We had a really good police presence and that was effective. It was good to get around to all the licensed premises and talk to licensees and security personnel.”

Source: http://www.dailyliberal.com.au/story/1973834/police-shut-down-wild-teenaged-party/?cs=112

According to the article, during the weekend of the operation across the state of NSW 540 arrests were made and 1062 charges were laid. Common assaults and people drinking past intoxication were the greatest concerns.

Another issue being tackled by authorities during Operation Unite was drink driving. Across NSW 40.000 people underwent random breath tests.