Driver Consumed 40 Cans of Beer before Car Crash


A court has heard that a father in Victoria consumed 30 or 40 drinks before a car crash that claimed the life of his 12 year old son.

The 35 year old father from Kialla in north-east Victoria was involved in a crash in Shepparton and has been charged with culpable driving and dangerous driving causing death.

The man’s car was traveling west on Wanganui Road and hit into a pole around 1:00am on a Saturday morning.

The 12 year old boy was sitting in the front passenger seat when the crash occurred and was killed on impact.

Two other children were hurt and were taken to hospital. They are in a stable condition.

The court heard that the father who had a learners permit had taken the children to a fast food restaurant prior to the crash however he later had no memory of this.

He was allegedly driving within the speed limit when the crash took place.